A Family Owned Business

Bally Cliff is our home. Carol and I have lived here for years and have always enjoyed welcoming friends and family to the farm.

We love sharing its beauty with our guests! We are a no frills events operation. This allows you the flexibility to create your event exactly as you wish.

Whether you envision a casual day in the country or an elegant affair, you can make it happen here at Bally Cliff.  Our clients appreciate the freedom and flexibility we offer.

Jim Clifford
Owner/Operator, Bally Cliff Farm

Turning a Vision Into Reality

At first glance, the restored barn at Bally Cliff Farm will strike you as beautiful. But only as you slowly meander through the structure — noticing intricate details of authenticity and listening to owner Jim Clifford’s passion for preserving architectural history — will the richness of the barn truly come alive in your mind.

A Working Farm

Bally Cliff has been an active farm for more than 150 years.

Once an active dairy farm along with grain farming, it has transitioned into a 100 acre crop production farm specializing in grains, produce and wildflower honey production. Most of the barns from this historic farm are still in place and in use. The new use of the 120 year old bank barn as a venue allows us to share its rustic charm with guests from near and far.

We are happy to educate Bally Cliff guests about the farm operation and how it supports local agriculture and food supply.

How can the team at historic Bally Cliff Farm make your next event memorable?