Corporate Events

Gatherings for Work Groups of All Sizes
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Create a fun and inviting corporate event at Bally Cliff Farm.

No matter the time of year, from Spring through the Holiday season, events at Bally Cliff are sure to please. Our seasonal decor creates a beautiful backdrop and a warm, cozy & inviting place for work colleagues to gather and enjoy one another’s company over good food and beverages.

Event Planning & Catering by High Point Catering

Not only does High Point Catering offer the best elegant casual barbeque and fine food, we also bring the fun! We can set up team-building exercises, inflatables for the whole family, DJ’s or live music, provide transportation, and more. We can create a theme together then design the menu and ‘extras’ to bring it to live. Whether your event is for strictly your work team, or their entire family, we’ll design an event to remember.

When you combine the beauty of Bally Cliff with the Corporate event planning expertise of the High Point Catering team, your day will run smoothly, the food will be memorable, and you’ll be able to enjoy your team with your team.

Is it time to plan your next Corporate event? Then let’s get started!

Our facilities partnered with food and party planning by High Point Catering ensure that your next Corporate Event will be easy… so you can enjoy it with your team.